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Turn-Key Direct Mail


1. Research

The first step in Allegra’s Turn-Key Direct Mail process is to receive your membership data. Allegra will plot your membership data on a map in order to idenify a market area and neighborhoods of high penetraion. Once we idenify the neighborhoods we want to target, we’ll extract them so that we can use them in the list selecion process.

2. List Selection

Once Allegra has established which areas to target, Allegra will collaborate with your team to understand what type of campaign you are running. We’ll use this informaion accordingly, so that we can pull counts based on area, household composiion and other key demographic characterisics.
Sample Campaigns
• Annual Membership Drive – Families. Couples and adults
• Capital Campaign – Higher income, aged 45-64, married
• Silver Sneakers – Age 65 or over
• Day Camp or Childcare – Presence of a child aged 6-13
• Amnesty or “We want you back” Campaign – no list selecion required, just send Allegra your list of former members

3. Printing

Ater we have determined all of the details of the campaign, and have received your artwork, we’re ready to print! Whether its a variable data project, 500,000 postcards or both, our equipment will make your designs look great. 

4. Mailing

Once the prining has been completed, we’ll sort and drop the postcards for you, so that your intended recipient receives your piece right at the right ime!