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Mobile Marketing

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Marketing that your clients take with them everywhere they go? Mobile Marketing is where it’s at!

The mobile marketplace is growing rapidly and changing just as fast. Mobile design techniques have grown from simple site setup into building rich, integrated experiences across devices and channels. At Allegra Design • Print • Mail of Downtown Tampa, we seamlessly take your business or organization into the mobile marketing world.

If your business is readily found on local search sites like Google+ Local, you’re off to a good start to capturing mobile users’ potential business. But that’s only half the battle. The other half includes mobile optimization. Allegra Design • Print • Mail – Downtown Tampa GrowMOBILE™ can help by:

  • Rendering your website’s content in narrower columns for easier smartphone viewing.
  • Streamlining content into fewer pages. Most mobile users are more interested in quick information than they are in following links and reading privacy policies.
  • Optimizing your website automatically. GrowMOBILE™ distinguishes between regular and mobile browsers, providing an optimized screen to every viewer.

The GrowMOBILE™ package from Allegra Design • Print • Mail in downtown Tampa includes:

  • A customized five-page mobile website with contact form, on-page SEO and Google Analytics.
  • Brand consistency with a look and feel based on your primary website.
  • Navigational site maps for search engine crawlers and users.
  • Intuitive content management system for easy updates.
  • Full testing for optimum rendering on multiple devices (mobile and tablet).

Your mobile customers want to engage with you on their devices; we can help make it happen!